Monday, July 23, 2012

Commissioning of Substation SCADA systems at GGSR Refinery Bhatinda

We have recently commissioned several Substation Automation Systems (SAS ) at HPCL-Mittal Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bhatinda, Punjab.

We had the privilege of being entrusted by SIEMENS with Commissioning of Substation Automation Systems at  four substations  in GGSR Refinery, Bhatinda (Punjab). Salient features of the SAS systems are as follows :

  • Data Concentrators : SIEMENS - SICAM AK1703 ACP 
  • IEC 61850 based communication with Protection relays
  • Modbus RTU communication with DCS & ECS systems

Typical SAS Architecture

Following Substation SCADA systems were commissioned by MNC Team at GGSR site :

  1. CDU-VDU ( Substation SS-15)
  2. Raw Water Treatment Plant - RWTP (Substation SS-28)
  3. MS BLOCK ( Substation SS-19)
  4. COOLING TOWER ( Substation SS-23) 

Typical MIMIC Screen

Typical Feeder Display

Munish, Ramananda & Tashi were part of the MNC Team at GGSR, Bhatinda Site.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Commissioning of 2 Nos. 4 HI Cold Rolling Mills at JSL Ltd

 We at MNC are proud to have recently commissioned 2 Nos. 4HI Cold Rolling Mills for rolling of Blade Steel at JSL  Hisar. This was a challanging assignment involving state of the art controls.

Fig-1 : Cover Page of JSL House Magazine

Both the Mills have Been supplied by Sherman International, USA. All the PLC, Drives, MCCs and Control Desks / Panels were supplied by Unique Automation Controls. 

The Mills are provided with State of the Art control system including :

a)  S7-400 PLCs + WinCC SCADA for Mill Control and interlocking wih following features :

     - Speed , Torque and Tension Control
     - Diameter , Length and Wrap Calculation
     - Automatic Slow Down (ASD)
     - Automatic Gauge Control ( AGC )
     - Pass Scheduling
     - WinCC SCADA for each Mill with Common SCADA in Control Rool
     - Engineering station cum IBA High Speed Trending system.

b) SINAMICS DCM (6RA80) for Control of Mill and Coiler Drives + Common POR
    SINAMICS G120 for paper winders Control.
    All the Drives communicate over High Speed Profibus with Control System.

c) S7-300 for Common Roll Coolant Filtration System

d) Intelligent MCCs with Built in ET200S I/Os to eliminate control Cabling

e) Control Desks with built in ET200S I/Os to eliminate control Cabling

f) All the Automation systems and SCADA Stations ( Including Engineering Station )

   communicate on high speed Ethernet network.

Fig-2: Article in JSL House Magazine regarding Commissionioning of Mills

Rakesh, Mukul and Vivek were part of the MNC team which executed this prestigious project at JSL Ltd, Hisar ( Haryana ).

MNC Team in the Control Room
Mill-3 Running at Top Speed of 400MPM

View of the Control Room