Monday, July 16, 2012

Commissioning of 2 Nos. 4 HI Cold Rolling Mills at JSL Ltd

 We at MNC are proud to have recently commissioned 2 Nos. 4HI Cold Rolling Mills for rolling of Blade Steel at JSL  Hisar. This was a challanging assignment involving state of the art controls.

Fig-1 : Cover Page of JSL House Magazine

Both the Mills have Been supplied by Sherman International, USA. All the PLC, Drives, MCCs and Control Desks / Panels were supplied by Unique Automation Controls. 

The Mills are provided with State of the Art control system including :

a)  S7-400 PLCs + WinCC SCADA for Mill Control and interlocking wih following features :

     - Speed , Torque and Tension Control
     - Diameter , Length and Wrap Calculation
     - Automatic Slow Down (ASD)
     - Automatic Gauge Control ( AGC )
     - Pass Scheduling
     - WinCC SCADA for each Mill with Common SCADA in Control Rool
     - Engineering station cum IBA High Speed Trending system.

b) SINAMICS DCM (6RA80) for Control of Mill and Coiler Drives + Common POR
    SINAMICS G120 for paper winders Control.
    All the Drives communicate over High Speed Profibus with Control System.

c) S7-300 for Common Roll Coolant Filtration System

d) Intelligent MCCs with Built in ET200S I/Os to eliminate control Cabling

e) Control Desks with built in ET200S I/Os to eliminate control Cabling

f) All the Automation systems and SCADA Stations ( Including Engineering Station )

   communicate on high speed Ethernet network.

Fig-2: Article in JSL House Magazine regarding Commissionioning of Mills

Rakesh, Mukul and Vivek were part of the MNC team which executed this prestigious project at JSL Ltd, Hisar ( Haryana ).

MNC Team in the Control Room
Mill-3 Running at Top Speed of 400MPM

View of the Control Room

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